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Stop the insanity, i.e. doing the same old thing and expecting different results! You have heard this cliche saying before but it's true. It's time to say "ENOUGH" of doing the same things over and over that continue to sabotage your health and happiness. It took a fight a couple weeks ago with my brother Mike Simmons aka my pumpkin, to wake me up with "Enough". Not to give to much details about our spout, but basically he said, "where is my sister at? This attitude isn't you." He was right, I allowed the stress and worries of life get to me.

I was allowing my own self negativity and self doubt get the best of me. It hit me and I just said, "Enough, this behavior gets you no where and is so ugly. It doesn't help you reach or achieve any goal at all and not to mention is totally unhealthy." I am a personal trainer and health coach so I should know better. But guess what. It's reality, it's life, and no one is perfect. The first step is gaining awareness when your doing it so that can say "Enough" and get yourself out of that moment. We all get to choose our thoughts, actions, and behaviors. It's incredible how powerful your mind is. When you find yourself self doubting, self sabotaging, and talking negatively just stop, take a deep breathe, and remind yourself this isn't going to fix anything or help, so "Enough!" Don't be afraid to get tough with yourself. Don't get me wrong, sure we all have stress, hardship, and other factors that play a role into spiraling downhill, but we must not allow it to take control of our lives and personalities. I encourage you to focus on happy, healthy, and positive feelings and watch the rest of it fall into place. P.S. as always, don't forget to eat more greens and less processed food. Drink more water and get more sleep. Be stronger everyday, Lorraine



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