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Our certified fitness professionals know how to get you fit. But don’t take our word for it. Here are stories from actual San Diego area clients.

Best gym with amazing trainers! I've worked out with Traci for the last 5 years and still love it. Traci is great at working with you to reach your goals. She changes it up every week and keeps it challenging so that I can feel and visibly see the improvements. Dimensional Fitness has a warm and small community atmosphere that I love. The owner, Lorraine, is also so kind and supportive. I highly recommend joining the gym and Traci or Lorraine as a trainer!

- Emmy H. 

Dimensional Fitness Concepts is a fantastic place to workout. Lorraine has created a warm small community atmosphere with a great group of trainers. Everyone is supportive and makes you feel at home. When I went through breast cancer, Lorraine studied rehabilitation exercises and got me back to feeling my best. She keeps it interesting with a balance of weight training, cardio, and deep stretching. She also is great with nutritional advice. Traci is also an amazing trainer that keeps things fun and works with me to reach my goals. For the last 14 years DFC has been my go to gym and I would highly recommend it!

- Cheri H. 


My family has been working out at DFC for years, and I have nothing but positive things to say. Clean, professional environment with trainers that truly care about their clients. Traci is an amazing trainer! Workouts are challenging, but she is extremely motivational and always mixes things up to keep it fun. The owner, Lorraine is very knowledgeable and supportive. She has taught me so much about health and nutrition. Both Traci and Lorraine will go out of their way to help you work toward your goals! I highly recommend both trainers if you want an amazing workout. 

-Kayla H. 

Lorraine Plowman, a professional physical fitness consultant and a dedicated personal trainer, and her team of personal trainers at Dimensional Fitness Concepts have great knowledge of body mechanics, muscle function and are capable of determining the individual abilities of their clients. Her pleasant and positive attitude is a great asset to her willingness to work with her clients at their personal fitness levels. Lorraine and her team instill confidence and encouragement to make you want to work further and apply yourself more diligently.  Dimensional Fitness Concepts maintains a welcoming environment that allows you to comfortably work out and seek advise from trainers openly unlike other fitness centers that are lacking the one on one connection with members.  I have attended Dimensional Fitness Concepts for 14yrs and train with Lorraine who has helped me achieve my best fitness potential.  I am extremely satisfied with the physical fitness consulting and training I receive from Lorraine.  I recommend Lorraine and any trainer working with her within Dimensional Fitness Concepts to anyone interested in increasing his or her physical conditioning and reaching his or her best potential.
– Lisa, Vista

I have been training at DFC with Lorraine for nearly 2 years now.  I and others have seen a difference in my physique and posture.  Lorraine is very attentive and supportive of my individual needs goals and she is fun to be with.  The gym is very clean and has a very comprehensive array of equipment.  The cliental and other trainers at DFC are great people to be around.  I am always looking forward to my training sessions with Lorraine.
– David, Temecula

Dimensional Fitness Center (DFC) is a gym that I have been going to for the last four years after having tried all the big chain conglomerates.  The gym which is private is owned by Lorraine Plowman who takes excellent care of her clients’ needs.  This gym is the ideal place to work out because it is meticulously clean and makes you feel you are not just one of many thousands walking through the door. The machines are selective but well maintained.  The trainers are professional and friendly and are only too happy to tailor make their training to suit the individual needs of their clients.  And the clients themselves are an assortment of earnest young people who use the gym as a training site rather than a dating site and older people, some of who are in their 80s, who are there to work on building muscle, balance, stamina, and strength.  I would recommend DFC highly and without reservation not only because of the reasons listed but also because I have with the help of my trainer built a body that I am happy with.
– Mary, Vista

Training with Lorraine is a pleasure. She does a great job working me out and pushing me to do my best; at the same time making sure I won’t hurt myself.
– Michael, Fallbrook


Training with Lorraine is always a very beneficial experience. She respects my limitations but always knows when to push me. I appreciate her knowledge of training, and helpful tips on everything that goes with a healthy body. She has a very positive influence on me. DFC has many equipment options to allow me to mix up my workout. It a very professional and friendly place.
– Sharon, Vista

Before I met Lorraine I was over 200 pounds and sick of trying fad diets only to get temporary results and gain the weight back. Lorraine quickly taught me how to eat right and workout hard. Whenever I start to get discourages Lorraine is always there to motivate me to get back on track. She’s tough when she needs to be tough and she knows exactly what her clients need to achieve their goals. Even in the midst of her busy life her work doesn’t end when she leaves the gym, she still makes time out of her day to connect with me. Since working out with Lorraine, I have lost 60 pounds and completed many half marathons. I am now signed up to run a full marathon and know I couldn’t do it without the help of Lorraine and everyone else at DFC.  DFC has become a place of refuge for me, when it comes to every aspect of my life. The people there have become my family and the moment I walk in the door I am motivated and loved by everyone there.
– Sonia, Vista

Once I started training with Lorraine, I quickly found out why so many people love her and the way she treats her clients. She is always there to motivate me whether its with inspiring words during an intense workout or at home through an encouraging text message. I no longer have to try crazy diets to get the body I want because Lorraine has taught me how to fuel my body with the right foods on a daily basis. Since training with her, I have gone down in body fat each month and have added major definition to my legs, abs and arms.  Lorraine has completely changed my view on fitness and nutrition and it’s now a permanent part of my everyday life!
– Erika, Vista

I have been working out with Lorraine at DFC for the past 6 years and at 55 I’m in the best shape of my life!  Lorraine takes the no-nonsence approach to training and weight loss: Healthy eating and regular strength training and cardio…no magic pills or fad diets. She stays on top of the latest in the fitness industry and keeps my workouts challenging and fun.  DFC is an extremely friendly and clean fitness studio which makes getting in shape fun.
– Cheryl, Vista

I have been a Dimensional Fitness Fan for 10 years, I first met Lorraine after having my 4th child. I was out of shape and the heaviest I had ever been. She helped me get back in shape, she dared to stop eating sugar, of course I accepted the challenge and after a while I didn’t miss sugar. I changed my eating habits for the better. I never dieted I just made better choices. I lost the weight quickly but I wanted more so after a couple years Lorraine had me running farther than I ever have. Stronger and leaner I was down to 14 % body fat at the age of 46. I got sidetracked and went through some very stressful times so I am back at the gym its only been about 4 months and I can feel my stomach is getting flatter and I am getting stronger again. I know it will take time especially since I am older and everything just doesn’t melt like it use to. Its exciting to walk out of the gym knowing I worked hard and the results are showing. Not to mention everyone there is friendly, positive and its very welcoming place to be.
– Frani, Vista

Lorraine and the DFC crew have been so great and inspiring! I just tied the knot last June and wanted to look amazing on our special day, as would any bride! Lorraine helped me get focused and pushed me passed my normal limits. The pictures from our wedding show it all! I hit my goal and I’m still going strong. The training staff at DFC continues to exceed my expectations…never a dull moment. There is never a day where I find out there is a muscle I didn’t know I had!
– Kristen, Vista

Dear Lorraine, having known you for 20 years, you are the constant professional in overall fitness, whether it’s exercise, diet, or keeping a positive mental attitude. I love all the new equipment as well as changes you have made this year to DFC. It is such a clean, well-organized, friendly environment to exercise and work out in. Last year, I was “missing in action” for most of the year. I truly appreciate your reaching out to me, getting me fired up and paired up with an amazing trainer. It was and is a great gift. I am feeling so much better mentally as well as physically and without you reaching out and helping me get back on track, I would have just remained stagnant. In closing thank you, thank you, thank you!
– John, Vista

Working out with Lorraine has been a life changing experience for me. I've learned so many important things not only about working out but what it means to be healthy, how to get motivated and maintain a positive attitude. I just adore her. I feel great and sexy now too. Thank you Lorraine!
– Yoly, Fallbrook

Since working out with Lorraine, I’m more energetic, flexible and definitely stronger. Lorraine inspires me to stay focused and on track. She always reminds me to take one day at a time, one meal at a time, and never give up. I just turned 60 and feel amazing. Thank you, Lorraine, for working with me.
– Teri,Vista

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