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May 1st - 6th schedule

Spring is in the air, the sun is shining.

This week schedule I will be offering my Monday at 5 pm and Saturday at 9am class. I will resume a Wednesday at 5:30 pm the following week. Please get signed up for whatever class works best for you.

Don't forget to try Thursdays at 9am with Lisa Shaw and Tuesdays 6pm with Paula Waring. I am honored to have such amazing yoga instructors to help guide you thru your yoga practice.

Switching up your style makes you better and better and offers something totally new to your body.

I also want to let you know I had the most incredible breath class with Shannon Bryson and would love your feedback on if you would be interested in a class.

Have a wonderful blessed weekend.


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Shannon Bryson
Shannon Bryson
29 Nis 2023

I am interested in breathwork 😉😊

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